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Fire Protection Services

Steel Structures

Different regulations around the world require certain elements of the steel building structure to have specific ratings and fire resistance.

Wooden Structures

Wood is a durable combustible building material. Even though wood has its own fire protective capabilities, it often needs protection.

Concrete structures

Concrete structures require the same fire rating as steel structures. Although fire protection is often forgotten, many actual fires have shown failure in concrete structures.

Fire Stopping Solutions

Fire stopping is often neglected as part of the building’s design, but fire stopping or penetration sealing systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety design in buildings.

Compartment walls

Fire rated walls can be designed to have fire protection ratings up to 180 minutes. For the purpose of regular fire rated walls many fire protection materials can be used.

Thermal & Acoustic Insulation

All spray applied acoustical corrections are to reduce the noise within that space. Thermal insulation is used in difficult-to-reach areas.

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