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  • Why work with Atlas Fireproofing?
  • What are your Core Services?
  • What is Passive Fire Protection
  • What is your History?
Atlas Fireproofing is a professional and experienced partner in both the construction and industrial markets since 1966. We offer you Expert Advisors, Project Managers, Chemists and Engineers to assist you.
Our Core Services include Passive Fire Protection, Technical Assistance, Fire Engineering and Application Management.
By protection of structural elements Atlas Fireproofing prevents compartments from collapsing. By containing fire to smaller compartments, we prevent escape routes from becoming inaccessible and we stop fires from spreading uncontrollably. In doing so we give people the required time to escape and we reduce the financial risk from fires. At Atlas Fireproofing we make it our business to save lives and protect property.
In 1966, our first job in fireproofing was to protect 12.000 m2 of flammable tunnel lining in Rotterdam. Since then, Atlas Fireproofing has been involved in the advice, design, delivery and application of passive fire protection in Europe, Middle East, South America and the Caribbean. In 2013, we have joined the forces of two of our subsidiaries (Atlas ABC BV and NVM Fireproofing BV) into one company: Atlas Fireproofing.