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Technical Consultancy

Our fire engineers, project managers and product specialists can assist you with expert advice ranging from building regulations to value engineering and project planning.

Fire Engineering

Using expert knowledge of the response of people and buildings to fire, our team facilitate architectural vision and address client needs, such as business continuity and property protection.

Full Service Application

Atlas Fireproofing is more than just an application company. We specialize in larger and complex projects, and we focus on professional fire protection solutions.


To ensure optimal fire protection through the years, Atlas Fireproofing provides inspection of all fire protection solutions in your building.


Owners should recognize that the maintenance of the fire protection solutions is crucial to the performance of the system.

Other Services

Atlas Fireproofing is a multi-disciplinary company that provides a full service approach to fire building safety. Please contact us for more information.

The company you can trust

At Atlas Fireproofing we make it our business to save lives and protect property